Firecat 1.5 released

El 8 de enero de 2009, ha sido lanzada la nueva versión de Firecat, la 1.5.

FireCAT (Firefox Catalog of Auditing exTension) es un mapa con la colección de las extensiones para Firefox más útiles orientadas a la auditoría de seguridad de las aplicaciones y búsqueda de vulnerabilidades.


FireCAT 1.5 will be the last releaseof this 1.x branch. In fact, we are working on a new improved version2.0 (management of plugins, instant download from security-database,ability to add new extension, extension version checker, Firefox 3.Xcompatible extensions..)

Changes for FireCAT 1.5

Categories :
- New sub-category added "Anti Phising / Pharming / Jacking" under "Misc"
- Renamed category "Network utilities" to "Network tools"
- Added new sub-category "Protocols/Application" under "Network tools"
- Added sub-category "Passwords" under "Network tools"

- TraceAssure added in "Misc -> Anti Phishing"
- Added Surf Jacking Cookie Security Inspector in "Misc->Anti phishing /pharming/jacking" : This extension is based on Sandro Gauci’s paper
- Added entry Exploit-Me Suite in category "Security auditing"
- Access-Me added in "Security auditing -> Exploit-Me Suite"
- Added DNS Unpinning in "Network tools -> Protocols/application"
- Added UnhidePassword in "Network tools -> Passwords"
- Added BestSecurityTip in IT Security Related
- Fixed links to SQL Inject-Me and XSS-Me
- Moved Database extensions (ORACLE, SQL, SQLite, MySQL) to "Network->Protocols/Application"



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