Presentaciones de la BruCON

El pasado fin de semana se celebró en Bruselas la BruCON 2010, un evento anual de seguridad y hacking que ofrece dos días (22-23 de septiembre) de cursos impartidos por expertos y dos días (24-25 de septiembre) de conferencias con grandes ponentes, retos de seguridad e interesantes workshops.

Además, en esta segunda BruCON se publicó la pre-release de Samurai WTF 0.9 y Didier Steven sorprendió con un magnífico e-book sobre análisis de PDFs maliciosos.

Actualmente están terminando de preparar los videos para subirlos a la web pero ya es posible descargar podcasts y la mayoría de las presentaciones:

  • Creating a CERT at WARP Speed: How To Fast Track the Implementation of Your CERT
  • CsFire: browser-enforced mitigation against CSRF
  • Cyber [Crime|War] - connecting the dots
  • Embedded System Hacking and My Plot To Take Over The World
  • Finding Backdoors in Code
  • GSM security: fact and fiction
  • Head Hacking – The Magic of Suggestion and Perception
  • How I Met Your Girlfriend: The discovery and execution of entirely new classes of Web attacks in order to meet your girlfriend
  • Memoirs of a Data Security Street Fighter
  • NFC Malicious Content Sharing
  • Project Skylab 1.0: Helping You Get Your Cloud On
  • "The Monkey Steals the Berries" The State of Mobile Security
  • Fireshark - A tool to Link the Malicious Web
  • Top 5 ways to steal a company "Forget root, I want it all"
  • You Spent All That Money And You Still Got Owned...
  • Your Project: From Idea To Reality "Make A Living Doing What You Love"

Y si os gustan los contenidos de este año, no olvidéis echar también un vistazo a los videos y las presentaciones de la conferencia del año anterior:

  • “I am walking through a city made of glass and I have a bag full of rocks” (Dispelling the myths and discussing the facts Global Cyber-Warfare)
  • A new web attack vector: Script Fragmentation
  • All Your Packets Are Belong to Us - Attacking Backbone Technologies
  • Update on the Belgian Information Security Initiative
  • Botnets, Ransomware, Malware, and Stuff!
  • Building Hackerspaces Everywhere
  • How to prepare, coordinate and conduct a cyber attack
  • Introducing the National
  • Knowing Me Knowing You (The dangers of social networks)
  • Malicious Markup - I thought you were my friend - cycle 3
  • Open Source Information Gathering
  • Rage Against The Kiosk
  • Red and Tiger Team
  • Social engineering for penetration testers
  • SQL Injection - how far does the rabbit hole go?
  • The Belgian Beer Lovers Guide to Cloud Security
  • Transition to IPv6 on the Internet: Threats and Mitigation Techniques
  • Trusted Cryptography
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