Disponible material de la Ruxcon

Hoy (por fin) viernes os dejamos unas interesantes lecturas para el fin de semana. Se trata del material de la conferencia Ruxcon que tuvo lugar el pasado 19 y 20 de noviembre en Melvourne, Australia.

Saturday and Sunday Presentations

Title Presenter Files
2011 Data Breach Investigations Report - Verizon, US Secret Service, Dutch High Tech Crime Unit Mark Goudie .ppt
An Embarrassingly Simple Solution to the Problem of Protecting Browser Users Peter Gutmann .ppt
APCO P25 Security Revisited - The Practical Attacks! Steve Glass and Matt Robert .pdf (paper) .pdf (slides)
Automated Detection of Software Bugs and Vulnerabilities in Linux Silvio Cesare .pptx
Digital Forensic Evidence: From Certainty to Shades of Grey Dr. Bradley Schatz .pdf
Encyclopaedia Of Windows Privilege Escalation Brett Moore .rar
Forensic Timeline Splunking Nick Klein .pdf
GCC Plugins: Die by the Sword Matt Davis .pdf
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger... Louis Nyffenegger & Luke Jahnke .pdf
Malware Mythbusters Alex Kirk .pdf
Operation Carpo, The Hack of an Australian Registrar Alex Tilley
Post Memory Corruption Memory Analysis Jonathon Brossard .pdf
Unusual and Hilarious Vulnerabilities R00t Dude
Hacking Hollywood Nick Freeman / vt .pdf
All your RFz Belong to Me: Hacking the Wireless World with GNU Radio Balint Seeber .pdf
Windows Kernel Vulnerability Research and Exploitation Gilad Bakas .ppt
4 Years and 4 Thousand Websites Worth of Vulnerability Assessments: What Have We Learned? Jeremiah Grossman .pdf
JBoss security: penetration, protection and patching David Jorm .odp
Hacking iPhones and iPads Ilja Van Sprundel .ppt
Browser GFX Security Ben Hawkes .pdf
SSL Traffic Analysis Attacks Vincent Berg .pptx
Mobile and Contactless Payment Security (There’s an App for that!) Peter Fillmore .pdf
The Security Of 3D Web Extensions James Forshaw .pdf
Bypassing and Strengthening Linux Security Controls Andrew Griffiths .pdf

Bonus Presentations (Friday 18th Professional Delegates Only)


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