Ya está disponible el material de BlackHat USA 2014

Ya sabéis que la conferencia BlackHat de EE.UU. es uno de los eventos de seguridad más importantes del año. Una agenda superapretada, con ponencias incluso simultáneas, retos, mesas redondas, polémicas y temáticas fascinantes, etc. 

Seguro que algún año tendré la determinación necesaria (y podré tener ahorrado lo suficiente) para volar a Las Vegas en esas fechas, pero hasta entonces, podré seguir disfrutando de sus presentaciones y whitepapers :):

  1. Cybersecurity as Realpolitik
  1. 48 Dirty Little Secrets Cryptographers Don't Want You To Know
  2. 802.1x and Beyond!
  3. A Journey to Protect Points-of-Sale
  4. A Practical Attack Against VDI Solutions
  5. A Scalable, Ensemble Approach for Building and Visualizing Deep Code-Sharing Networks Over Millions of Malicious Binaries
  6. A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces
  7. Abuse of CPE Devices and Recommended Fixes
  8. Abusing Microsoft Kerberos: Sorry You Guys Don't Get It
  9. Abusing Performance Optimization Weaknesses to Bypass ASLR
  10. Android FakeID Vulnerability Walkthrough
  11. APT Attribution and DNS Profiling
  12. Attacking Mobile Broadband Modems Like a Criminal Would
  13. Babar-ians at the Gate: Data Protection at Massive Scale
  14. Badger - The Networked Security State Estimation Toolkit
  15. BadUSB - On Accessories that Turn Evil
  16. Bitcoin Transaction Malleability Theory in Practice
  17. Breaking the Security of Physical Devices
  18. Bringing Software Defined Radio to the Penetration Testing Community
  19. Building Safe Systems at Scale - Lessons from Six Months at Yahoo
  20. Call To Arms: A Tale of the Weaknesses of Current Client-Side XSS Filtering
  21. Capstone: Next Generation Disassembly Framework
  22. Catching Malware En Masse: DNS and IP Style
  23. Cellular Exploitation on a Global Scale: The Rise and Fall of the Control Protocol
  24. CloudBots: Harvesting Crypto Coins Like a Botnet Farmer
  25. Computrace Backdoor Revisited
  26. Contemporary Automatic Program Analysis
  27. Creating a Spider Goat: Using Transactional Memory Support for Security
  28. Data-Only Pwning Microsoft Windows Kernel: Exploitation of Kernel Pool Overflows on Microsoft Windows 8.1
  29. Defeating the Transparency Feature of DBI
  30. Digging for IE11 Sandbox Escapes
  31. Dynamic Flash Instrumentation for Fun and Profit
  32. Epidemiology of Software Vulnerabilities: A Study of Attack Surface Spread
  33. Evasion of High-End IPS Devices in the Age of IPv6
  34. Exploiting Unpatched iOS Vulnerabilities for Fun and Profit
  35. Exposing Bootkits with BIOS Emulation
  36. Extreme Privilege Escalation on Windows 8/UEFI Systems
  37. Finding and Exploiting Access Control Vulnerabilities in Graphical User Interfaces
  38. Fingerprinting Web Application Platforms by Variations in PNG Implementations
  39. From Attacks to Action - Building a Usable Threat Model to Drive Defensive Choices
  40. Full System Emulation: Achieving Successful Automated Dynamic Analysis of Evasive Malware
  41. Governments As Malware Authors: The Next Generation
  42. GRR: Find All the Badness, Collect All the Things
  43. Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio - 2.0
  44. How Smartcard Payment Systems Fail
  45. How to Leak a 100-Million-Node Social Graph in Just One Week? - A Reflection on Oauth and API Design in Online Social Networks
  46. How to Wear Your Password
  47. I Know Your Filtering Policy Better than You Do: External Enumeration and Exploitation of Email and Web Security Solutions
  48. ICSCorsair: How I Will PWN Your ERP Through 4-20 mA Current Loop
  49. Internet Scanning - Current State and Lessons Learned
  50. Investigating PowerShell Attacks
  51. It Just (Net)works: The Truth About iOS 7's Multipeer Connectivity Framework
  52. Learn How to Control Every Room at a Luxury Hotel Remotely: The Dangers of Insecure Home Automation Deployment
  53. Leviathan: Command and Control Communications on Planet Earth
  54. Lifecycle of a Phone Fraudster: Exposing Fraud Activity from Reconnaissance to Takeover Using Graph Analysis and Acoustical Anomalies
  55. Miniaturization
  56. Mission mPOSsible
  57. Mobile Device Mismanagement
  58. MoRE Shadow Walker: The Progression of TLB-Splitting on x86
  59. Multipath TCP: Breaking Today's Networks with Tomorrow's Protocols
  60. My Google Glass Sees Your Passwords!
  61. Network Attached Shell: N.A.S.ty Systems that Store Network Accessible Shells
  62. "Nobody is Listening to Your Phone Calls." Really? A Debate and Discussion on the NSA's Activities
  63. One Packer to Rule Them All: Empirical Identification, Comparison, and Circumvention of Current Antivirus Detection Techniques
  64. OpenStack Cloud at Yahoo Scale: How to Avoid Disaster
  65. Oracle Data Redaction is Broken
  66. Pivoting in Amazon Clouds
  67. Poacher Turned Gamekeeper: Lessons Learned from Eight Years of Breaking Hypervisors
  68. Point of Sale System Architecture and Security
  69. Prevalent Characteristics in Modern Malware
  70. Probabilistic Spying on Encrypted Tunnels
  71. Protecting Data In-Use from Firmware and Physical Attacks
  72. Pulling Back the Curtain on Airport Security: Can a Weapon Get Past TSA?
  73. RAVAGE - Runtime Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Generation of Exploits
  74. Reflections on Trusting TrustZone
  75. Researching Android Device Security with the Help of a Droid Army
  76. Reverse Engineering Flash Memory for Fun and Benefit
  77. Reverse-Engineering the Supra iBox: Exploitation of a Hardened MSP430-Based Device
  78. SAP, Credit Cards, and the Bird that Talks Too Much
  79. SATCOM Terminals: Hacking by Air, Sea, and Land
  80. Saving Cyberspace
  81. SecSi Product Development: Techniques for Ensuring Secure Silicon Applied to Open-Source Verilog Projects
  82. Secure Because Math: A Deep-Dive on Machine Learning-Based Monitoring
  83. Sidewinder Targeted Attack Against Android in the Golden Age of Ad Libs
  84. Smart Nest Thermostat: A Smart Spy in Your Home
  85. Static Detection and Automatic Exploitation of Intent Message Vulnerabilities in Android Applications
  86. Stay Out of the Kitchen: A DLP Security Bake-Off
  87. SVG: Exploiting Browsers without Image Parsing Bugs
  88. The Beast is in Your Memory: Return-Oriented Programming Attacks Against Modern Control-Flow Integrity Protection Techniques
  89. The BEAST Wins Again: Why TLS Keeps Failing to Protect HTTP
  90. The Big Chill: Legal Landmines that Stifle Security Research and How to Disarm Them
  91. The Devil Does Not Exist - The Role of Deception in Cyber
  92. The Library of Sparta
  93. The New Page of Injections Book: Memcached Injections
  94. The New Scourge of Ransomware: A Study of CryptoLocker and Its Friends
  95. The State of Incident Response
  96. Thinking Outside the Sandbox - Violating Trust Boundaries in Uncommon Ways
  97. Threat Intelligence Library - A New Revolutionary Technology to Enhance the SOC Battle Rhythm!
  98. Time Trial: Racing Towards Practical Timing Attacks
  99. Understanding IMSI Privacy
  100. Understanding TOCTTOU in the Windows Kernel Font Scaler Engine
  101. Unveiling the Open Source Visualization Engine for Busy Hackers
  102. Unwrapping the Truth: Analysis of Mobile Application Wrapping Solutions
  103. VoIP Wars: Attack of the Cisco Phones
  104. What Goes Around Comes Back Around - Exploiting Fundamental Weaknesses in Botnet C&C Panels!
  105. When the Lights Go Out: Hacking Cisco EnergyWise
  106. Why Control System Cyber-Security Sucks...
  107. Why You Need to Detect More Than PtH
  108. Windows Kernel Graphics Driver Attack Surface
  109. Write Once, Pwn Anywhere