Feeds o canales e seguridad informática

Aquí os dejo los mejores feeds anglosajones del momento:

Security News Feeds

Hack In The Box[RSS feed]"Keeping Knowledge Free"
SANS Handlers Diary[RSS feed]
F-Secure Weblog[RSS feed]"Weblog of the F-Secure Antivirus Research Team"
TaoSecurity[RSS feed]
joatBlog[RSS feed]"Security and Blogging and Admin"
Dana Epp's Weblog[RSS feed]"Life, the Universe and everything Security"
Schneier on Security[RSS feed]"Weblog covering security and security technology"
Kasperky Lab Weblog[RSS feed]"Analyst's Diary"
Linux Exposed[RSS feed]"The Linux Security and Hacking Resource"
InfoSec Writers[RSS feed]"The Information Security Writers group"
InfoSec Officer[RSS feed]"Followan Information Security Investigator as he recounts his uniqueexperiences working with federal, corporate, and military institutions"
Linux Security[RSS feed]"The Community's Center for Security"
Security Focus[RSS feed]"The Largest Community of Security Professionals Available Anywhere"
IT Observer[RSS feed]"Information Technology Security Magazine"
Castle Cops[RSS feed]
Zone-H News[RSS feed]"The Internet thermometer"
2600[RSS feed]"The Hacker Quarterly"
Net-Security[RSS feed]
Net-Security Vulnerabilities[RSS feed]
Whitedust[RSS feed]"Where hackers and CSO's get their news fix"
Secunia[RSS feed]"Vulnerability and Virus Information"
Computer World Security[RSS feed]"Security news from Computer Worlds security knowledge center"
Government Computer Security[RSS feed]"Federal, state and local government technology"
ZDNet US Security[RSS feed]"Where technology means business"
ZDNet UK Security[RSS feed]"Where technology means business"
CNet Security[RSS feed]"Tech news first"
Network World Fusion Security[RSS feed]
Info World Security[RSS feed]
Silicon Security[RSS feed]"Security Strategy News, Analysis, and Comment"
eWeek Security[RSS feed]"Enterprise Technology News and Reviews"
SecurityTracker Vulnerabilities[RSS feed]
Microsoft Security[RSS feed]
OSVD[RSS feed]Open source vulnerability database created by and for the community
More Over Computer Security News[RSS feed]

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