FOCA Release Candidate 1

Amigos de la FOCA, amigos todos.. llega la RC1:

De: Amigos De la Foca
Para: "micuenta@micuenta.ya" <>
Enviado: jueves, 10 de septiembre, 2009 19:35:58
Asunto: FOCA Release Candidate 1 has been published

FOCA Release Candidate 1 has been published
We are proud to announce that FOCA RC1 has been published. This new version has a lot of features you have asked for. In a short list:
- [+]Proxy supported
- [+]Added alternative domains
- [+]Search of IP address of servers in domains and alternative domains
- [+]Added scan IP range to search IP resolutions
- [+]Used Robtex to resolve IPs
- [+]Showed individual ACL in servers
- [+]Export Servers list
- [~]Better representation of network analysis
- [~]Improved used documents search
- [*]Fix error in bing search
You can download the new version from Please, send us your suggestions for improve, new ideas or bugs to be fixed to Also you can download OOMetaExtractor to clean OpenOffice documents from and try Metashield Protector to clean documents published in your website from
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