English challenges write-ups compilation + extra stego

Apparently the image on the left is a funny but normal picture. However, this image contains a secret message. We talked about steganography, the art and science of writing hidden messages, and this one could be a hacking challenge or wargame level.

Hackers and computer security enthusiasts around the world play to resolve this and other types of hacking challenges: cryptography, forensics, crackmes, web exploits, etc. are just examples of categories that can be found.

Previously we published a Spanish write-ups compilation and now we present a new list in English. If you follow and read these links you will enter a fascinating world of mind games and can learn to use many sophisticated hacker techniques. And who knows, you might be able to reveal the hidden message of the horse image in this post ... ;-)

Please comment this post if you know more interesting write-ups!:



Write-up Codegate 2010 #7 - Decrypting HTTPS SSL/TLSv1 using RSA 768bits with Wireshark [03/2010] - stalkr


Challenge 1 & 2 Write-Up – SMP CTF 2010 Hacker Olympics… [07/2010] - zoidberg



Warming up on Stack No. 1 [01/2009] - xorl


Reversing 500 writeup! [06/2008] - sexypandas


Defcon 2006 Quals [2006] - nopsr.us


Defcon 2009 BIN100 [2009] - sapheads



lulzteam smpCTF 2010 writeup [2010] - lulzteam
Crypto04 challenge write-up from Campus Party Europe - vierito
CODEGATE2010 CTF Level 19 [2010] - hempel


  1. Less than 10 minutes.
    I've always liked snooping! :)

  2. I know, it's easy. Note that it is only an introduction to steganography. When I make a serious challenge may spend more than 10 minutes, just maybe ;-)

  3. Buenas! antes que nada muy buenos TODOS los retos la verdad que me mantienen divertido jaja. Tengo una pregunta con respecto a este ya que acostumbro a hacerlos y despues ver la solucion, pero de este no hay. La clave que yo consegui es algo bastante extraño osea son letras pero no tienen ningun sentido, es asi? o la clave es algo con sentido?

  4. @Lpoi gracias por ponerte con nuestros retos. A ver si saco tiempo y publico el nº 13...

    Respecto a este stego la solución está en el primer comentario de este post.

    La frase que has obtenido está cifrada con un algoritmo de sustitución...http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/atbash.php



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