Material ShmooCon 2012

Del 27 al 29 de enero tuvo lugar en Washington D.C una de las mejores conferencias de seguridad informática en los Estados Unidos: la Shmoocon 2012. Ahora por fin, ya tenemos disponible todos los videos y presentaciones del evento:

***2/16 UPDATE- All the videos have been re-ripped and are now available here.***

Keynote - Peter Gutmann - video
Closing Plenary - Arlen, Marcus, and Potter - Doing InfoSec Right - video pt 1, pt 2

Ben Agre - Cool New Crypto - video
Brad Antoniewicz - Attacking Proximity Card Access Systems - video
atlas of d00m - < GHz or Bust - video
Corey Benninger and Max Sobell - Intro to Near Field Communication (NFC) Mobile Security - video
Nicholas (aricon) Berthaume - Java Backdoors and Cross Framework Abuse - video
Brad Bowers - Building MASINT Capabilities on a Hackers Budget - slides
James Caroland and Greg Conti - Lessons of the Kobayashi Maru: Cheating is Fundamental - video
Clark et al - Inside the OODA Loop - video
Kristin Paget - Credit Card Fraud: The Contactless Generation - video slides
Dan G et al - SNSCat - video slides and code
Tony DeLaGrange and Kevin Johnson - Whack-a-Mobile - video
Hanni Fakhoury - Destroying Evidence Before it's "Evidence" - video
Rob Fuller - A textfiles Approach to DNS - video
Marcia Hofmann - GPS Tracking - video
Marcia Hofmann and Jerome Radcliffe - Encryption, Passwords, and Data Security - video
Keith Howell - All Your Codes Belong to Me! - video slides
Toby Kohlenberg - A New Model for Enterprise Defense - video slides
Xeno Kovah - Training Security Nerds, Faster, Better, Stronger - video
Larsen et al - Malware as Art: Building and Animating Malware Network Graphs - video
Tim Maletic and Chris Pogue - OPFOR Works Both Ways - video
Branson Matheson - TTL of a Penetration - video slides
Joshua Marpet and Vlad Gostom - 37mm Aerial Surveillance - video
Brendan O'Connor - Sacrificial Computing for Land and Sky - video slides
Jeong Wook Oh - AVM Inception - How we can use AVM Instrumenting in a beneficial way - video slides
Meredith Patterson and Sergey Bratus - The Science of Insecurity - video
Danny Quist - Malware Visualization in 3D - video slides
Matthew Rowley - A Blackhat's Tool Chest - video slides
Char Sample - Soft Markers in Attack Attribution - video slides
David Schuetz - Inside Apple's MDM Black Box - video
Curt Shaffer and Chris Cuevas - Raising the White Flag - video
The Shmoo Group - 0wn the Con - video
Skunkworks - And That's How I Didn't Lose an Eye: Emergency Data Destruction - video
Joe Sylve - Android Mind Reading: Memory Acquisition and Analysis DMD and Volatility - video slides
Jordan Wiens - Corrupting the Youth - video slides