ePolicy 0wner (eP0wner) un exploit sexy contra McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.5 y anteriores

Todos los administradores de McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (o sus jefes) deberían ver el siguiente vídeo para darse cuenta (si todavía no lo han hecho) de que tienen que actualizar ¡¡lo antes posible!!

Próximamente se liberará eP0wner, un exploit en Perl que se aprovecha de las siguientes vulnerabilidades en la versión 4.6.5 y anteriores de ePO:

- CVE-2013-0140 – Pre-authenticated SQL injection
- CVE-2013-0141 – Pre-authenticated directory path traversal

y con el cual se facilita:

- la ejecución remota en el servidor de ePO.
- la ejecución remota de las estaciones administradas (un anillo para gobernarlos a todos).
- la subida de archivos en el servidor de ePO.
- el robo de credenciales de Active Directory.

Fuente: Exploit: McAfee ePolicy 0wner (ePowner) – Preview


  1. I hate when people copy/paste the whole post from my blog .. Next time, do an effort please :) Cheers.

  2. Sorry, I've tried not to copy/paste literally the post, but the post is short and I've only been able to add a sentence and translate it to Spanish. However, when you post the tool will try to expand it with more own tests. You know when the tool will be released approximately?

  3. No worries.. I hope to release it during summer. I have still a few customers who did not patched their server yet ..it's their fault if the tool is not public yet :)

  4. thanks for your understanding. I'll be waiting for the tool and I hope that your customers are aware about the importance of keeping their products updated ;)

  5. if you say that it's because you really don't follow this blog. It's difficult to write totally original posts all days, so many posts are translations (not identicals) about interesting things that we want keep for us and for the rest of people and we always put the sources. But also there are other investigations, little hacking challenges and more.

    Anyway I accept all comments (not moderate at the moment) and we'll try to improve ...


  6. bro a la gente le gusta demasiado criticar y deberian agradecer... a mi me parece que esta bien repasar otras herramientas además ayuda a difundirlas..

  7. y ni es posible revisar la herramienta antes del verano??


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